yKhoon Lock Account Basic Edition

Current Version: 1.4.5
Release Date: 23 October 2017
Extension Type: Component, Module and Plugin
Support: Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x

yKhoon Lock Account Basic Edition (previously known as yKhoon Lock Account) is an extension that lock your visitor user account when there is multiple log in using the same account. The extension will provides a module that automatically reactivate locked user account. The module will need the locked user account old password to verify and then the module will ask for a new password for the account.

When your visitor user account is locked, the extension will send the visitor a notification email based on the email address provided during registration. The notification email which contain all essential information will enable the visitor to reactivate his/her user account successfully. Al log file will be created when a user account is locked. Information such as date, time, and the user account involved will be stored at the log file. This will enable the administrator to take further action if needed.


  1. Component Menu bug fixed.

Main Features:

  1. Lock an user account when multiple log in is detected.
  2. The extension will not allow locked user account to log in until the locked user account is unlocked.
  3. Notify the user about his/her locked account and activation link via email.
  4. Added a method which allow the user to unlock his/her account.
  5. Information such as date, time, and IP Address is stored in a log file when multiple login is detected.
  6. The reactivation link send to the user will have one time access only.
  7. The extension will automatically log out all user which access using the same username when the account is reactivated.
  8. Joomla! Administration (back-end) is immune to the functionality of this extension.
  9. Super Administration or Super Users is immune to the functionality of this extension.
  10. Support Joomla! SEF URLs.
  11. Compatible with Community Builder.
  12. Support Integrated Product Update System for checking and download latest version of the product.

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