yKhoon Buy Now Button

Current Version: 1.3.3
Release Date: 23 October 2017
Extension Type: Component & Plugin
Support: Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x

yKhoon Buy Now Button is an extension that create and insert PayPal Buy Now button into your content. The extension provides a simple way to create and insert the PayPal Buy Now button into your content. The user does not need to have programming skill in order to implement the PayPal Buy Now button. The user will only need to specific the item name, amount, currency, and etc. Then, the extension will create and insert a PayPal Buy Now button based on the user input.

The user is also able to add some text before and/or after the Buy Now button. This can be used to show the buyer some reminder message like "Please read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing the product".


  1. Component Menu bug fixed.

Main Features:

  1. Create and insert PayPal Buy Now button in your content.
  2. Able to insert two or more PayPal Buy Now button in a same article.
  3. Able to insert some text before and after the Buy Now button.
  4. Set the Item Name and Item Number.
  5. Set the amount of a product.
  6. Set the quantity for an item or allow the payer to enter it.
  7. Set the handling charges.
  8. Able to prompt payers to include a note with their payments.
  9. Able to prompt payers for shipping address.
  10. Support PayPal account based shipping calculations and additional shipping amount per additional unit.
  11. Support PayPal account based shipping using weight in lbs or kgs.
  12. Support tax and tax rate.
  13. Support your own return URL and cancel URL.
  14. Support all PayPal supported currency codes.
  15. Support PayPal discount function. Example: Discount amount for one unit, discount amount per additional unit, discount rate for one unit, discount rate per additional unit, and number of additional unit to which the discount applies.
  16. Support Integrated Product Update System for checking and download latest version of the product.

We will send the product to your e-mail address once we receive the notification from PayPal. This process typically takes few minutes. Please remember to check your inbox and also spam folder for the product.