yKhoon Content Protector Basic Edition

Extension Type: Component & Plugin
Support: Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.x

Guardian of your Joomla website, standing tall against the threat of plagiarism. Its mission? To fortify your content with an arsenal of defences, making it near-impossible for copycats to pilfer your hard work. How does it work its magic? By locking down certain actions like right-clicking, text selection, and keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

In a world where originality is king, this extension is your knight in shining armor, fiercely defending your content and preserving its integrity.


Secure Web Pages

Prevent saved pages from opening on local disks or different domains.

Comprehensive Function Lockdown

Disable right-click, text selection, and common control key combinations.

Custom Control Key Combination

Customize disabled control key combinations as needed.

Dual Fail-Safe Systems

Employ two fail-safe check point for maximum security

Flexible Content Protection

Tailor protection settings for all content or specific articles.

User Immunity

Grant exemptions for specific users, ensuring unrestricted access.

Administrator Exemption

Super Users enjoy complete immunity.

Back-end Exemption

Joomla! Administration (back-end) remains unaffected.

Tailored Error Messaging

Prompt pop-up notifications for attempted restricted functions, allowing customization to match your website's style and clarity, with added symbols for enhanced understanding.

RSS Feed Exclusion

Automatically detect and exclude RSS feed links from protection.

SEF URL Compatibility

Ensure compatibility with Joomla SEF URLs.


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