yKhoon Content Protector Advanced Edition

Current Version: 1.5.8
Release Date: 23 October 2017
Extension Type: Component & Plugin
Support: Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x

yKhoon Content Protector Advanced Edition (previously known as Advanced Content Protector) is an extension that protect the content of your Joomla web site. The objective of this extension is to act as a shield against plagiarism. The extension will be able to restrict certain functionality like disable right click of the mouse, disable word selection/highlighting, control key combination (for example; ctrl + c and ctrl + v), and etc.

Although yKhoon Content Protector Basic Edition and the Advanced Edition offer similar functionality, the Advanced Edition provides more functionality and control than the Basic Edition. For example, the Print Protection functionality of the Advanced Edition will prevent the visitor to print the content of the web site. The visitor will get blank page instead of the content of the web site. The Advanced Edition also has a functionality to prevent the visitor to use the Browser Copy function to copy the content of the web site.


  1. Component Menu bug fixed.


  1. Block the saved web page from opening in localdisk.
  2. Block the saved web page from opening in different domain.
  3. Disable mouse right click.
  4. Disable word/text selection/highlighting.
  5. Disable control key combination. Example: ctrl + c, ctrl + v, etc.
  6. Give immunity to certain user.
  7. Protect the article of your choice.
  8. Super Administrator or Super Users is immune to all functionality of this extension.
  9. Joomla! Administration (back-end) is not affected by the functionality of this extension.
  10. Compatible with AJAX enable website.
  11. Two fail-safe system for ensuring maximum protection for your site.
  12. Protect all your content with all available functionality by a single click on the extension configuration.
  13. Determine which control key combination to be disable.
  14. Support Joomla SEF URLs.
  15. Show pop-up error message when a restricted function is used.
  16. Change the pop-up error message to suit your web site.
  17. Able to use symbols such as ' and \ in error message.
  18. Compatible with Community Builder.
  19. Support Integrated Product Update System for checking and download latest version of the product.
  20. No protection for RSS feed links. RSS feed links are automatically detect.
  21. No restriction for the Author when the Author browsing its article. (Advanced Edition only)
  22. No restriction inside the editor. (Advanced Edition only)
  23. Disable the copy paste and word selection functionality for an article on Author request. (Advanced Edition only)
  24. Disable the browser copy function. (Advanced Edition only)
  25. Give immunity to certain user group such as author or editor. (Advanced Edition only)
  26. Added Print Protection functionality to prevent browser printing on your web site. (Credit to Joe from Thailand) (Advanced Edition only)
  27. Able to protect the article based on components and category ID. (Advanced Edition only)
  28. Able to disable browser drag functionality. (Advanced Edition only)
  29. Able to allow or forbid the content sharing on Social Network. (Advanced Edition only)

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